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For his series entitled « People Portrait », Didier de Radiguès explores an unfamiliar photographic territory, introducing a set of 45 photographies offering a real visual pleasure. Drawing his inspiration from Nazca geoglyphs, ancient figures traced in the ground and discovered in Peru in 1926, Didier de Radiguès presents us with a novel figurative photography consisting of aerial views of hundreds of human characters representing portraits, figures or huge scale messages of incredible authenticity. His technique is unique and suggests a perception with multiple interpretations and readings. More than a composition, the final resolution of his multi-photograph work depicts a figurative art where everything appears to fit in naturally.

Printed on 100 years guarantee paper in large sizes, the pictures are framed by Chromaluxe to allow the depth of the spring light. 45 photographies are available, each one individually numbered version of 1 to 7.